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Energy & Concentration Levels


Will boost your energy levels throughout the test, so you can afford to treat yourself.


Coffee & Tea:

De-caffinated is fine, keep away from strong coffee though as this can result in a headache.  Iced coffee is fine to use prior to the test.  Tea /Peppermint Tea is also fine to boost energy levels.  Bring a flask on the day of the test so that you can have a drink before going into the test centre. 

Peppermints / Peppermint oil / tea: 

The main effect of peppermint is represented by a significant improvement of the blood flow to the brain. In addition, peppermint is believed to increase the concentration power.  


Turn off your phone!

Make sure your phone is off, any distraction can affect the test.

Unlimited practice in your head!

Go over things in your head and try imaginery scenarios by applying what you have learnt.  Are there any weak points, how can you correct them.  Look up your Practical Driving Books and go over all the processes leading up such things as roundabouts, junctions, MSM etc.  Go up to junctions and study them and again try to imagine you are driving on them, look to see where the lanes are, are there lights etc.  Take a note pad with you and write down any notes.  If you are not sure of something please call the Instructor who will advise you.

Drive as you do on a lesson

Treat your driving test as just another lesson, don’t try to change your driving whilst on test.  By treating it as a driving lesson, this will lesson anxiety symptoms you may have building.

You and the examiner 

Address the examiner by his/her name throughout the test, this will break down some tension in the car.  During the test your examiner may not chat at all, but some do. Your examiner won’t chat when you’re right in the middle of something. They’ll wait until you’re not doing much. If the examiner doesn’t chat at all, don’t worry just keep focused.

The Test

Think positvely, and do your best, you are not under any pressure. Focus on what the examiner is telling you and follow his instructions, if you are not sure of an instruction ask the examiner to repeat it.  It is down to you on the test day to show the examiner how good a driver you are, so it is important to implement all the skills you have learnt from the Driving Instructor. 

People who think positively have a better chance of passing, try not to linger on the things you may do wrong.   Nerves are a big factor during a test and can affect it, so please try to keep calm and focused.  Take a bottle of water with you as your mouth will tend to become very dry due to nerves, the examiner won’t mind you taking a sip, but only when the car is parked up and stationary.

If you don’t pass, try not to get too upset, it is only a test and can be taken again.  The UK driving test is one of the hardest in the world to pass and the examiner is looking for the candidate to demonstrate safe driving ability, good planning, road sense and good use of mirrors.

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